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Upside down rides to the big city to the land of volcanoes

So the last week has seen us finish up our Disney World adventure, explore the city of New York and arrive in Iceland, probably the world's most hated country at the moment.

Our last 2 days in Disney World saw us visit our last unvisited theme park, Animal Kingdom and park hop around our favourite parks to get one last go on the best rides. The highlights of these last few park visits included a safari through the animal sanctuary (where, amongst other animals, we saw lazy, unmoving hippos and an ostrich which freakily attacked Nath), both of us taking on the new Expedition Everest ride, which even scared Nath just a little bit, Nath taking on America’s steepest water slide after chickening out 13 years ago and Sal taking on her fear of rollercoasters and being upside down by going on the new Aerosmith ride at Hollywood Studios.

We also went to an NBA game, Orlando Magic’s last home game and the last round game of the NBA overall. It was such an amazing experience with tons of showmanship from the players, entertainment from the mascots and cheerleaders and lots of crowd involvement. It was such an amazing night and so well run that it makes us wonder why sports form Australia don’t take a leaf out of the American’s book (I guess the amount of money US throw at sport probably has a lot to do with it…).

Overall Disney World was a huge highlight from the trip, where we managed to have an absolute ball, hardly spend a cent and everything was so incredibly hassle free and easy. Like Vegas, we highly recommend Disney World and will no doubt come back in the future.

After a sun-filled 7 days in Orlando we arrived in New York to colder temperatures and rain. Again, we experienced an incredible contrast from our previous city. Where everything was bright and sunny and people were polite and well organized in Disney World, New York was cold, wet and our bus driver took us half way around the world and back to get us to our hostel….But we are in NEW YORK, which was exciting enough!

Our hostel had an incredible location, literally 30m from Times Square. We spent our first full day in New York exploring Times Square before we headed off to the new Yankee stadium in the Bronx to see Yankees V Rangers. It was an awesome game to watch, we managed to see a few double plays, 3 home runs including one from our favourite player, Jeter (Sal had never heard of him but now we both have his shirt) and the Yankees crush the Rangers.

The next day we ventured over to Randall Island to see Cirque Du Soleil’s Ovo, which was incredible. Nath rated up there with the best he’s seen. Afterwards we visited Central Park which is such a cool place with so much going on. We stumbled upon the Central Park Roller Dancer’s Association who were putting on a demonstration. This is quite possibly the funniest and most random thing we have ever seen. It was such a strange mix of people participating, from people who could hardly stand up on roller skates to old ladies who were clearly living in their old roller dancing days to homeless looking people and crack heads to younger, average looking people. So funny to watch for a good half hour… We also went out for our first real dinner this night and most definitely didn’t take into account that US meals are twice as big as any normal meal, and so rounded bellies were the result.

Our last day in New York was spent doing the touristy things which included Ground Zero, Statue of Liberty, the pavement of Empire State building, Wall St and of course the most important being finding Carrie’s apartment stoop from Sex and the City.

And what a contrast the next destination would be…going from a city with a population of 8 million to a COUNTRY with only 300 000 residents. Iceland is an absolutely amazing country with incredible scenery. It also smells like egg fart, the toilet paper rolls from the outside and the inside and the names of anything in the country will never be pronounced correctly by an outsider.

We rented a car for our short stay in Iceland which has proved to be an excellent decision. The first day we spent at the Blue Lagoon, basically an outdoor pool full of the waste product of Iceland’s water system (the water is a bright blue colour and stays at a temperature 0f 40 degrees, despite the outside air temp being below 0, it was even snowing on is while we swimming around!). Nath also experienced an in-water massage, whilst I enjoyed the steam rooms and sauna. It was the perfect time to visit the Blue Lagoon as we were both exhausted from our whirlwind of a holiday and sleepless red eye flight.

Our second day in Iceland was a fantastic day of waterfall, geyser and of course VOLCANO chasing. As if the sights of the waterfalls of Gullfoss and the geyser of Geyser weren’t enough we managed to time our trip perfectly to also see the infamous volcano of Iceland spewing out its ash cloud of plane stopping particles. It was an absolutely amazing sight and more than likely a once in a lifetime opportunity. We took a ridiculous amount of photos throughout the day, and covered a heap of kilometers but ensured that our trip to Iceland is absolutely unforgettable. Make sure to check out the photos soon to be uploaded in coming days!

So we have one more day in Iceland (hopefully) which will be spent checking out the actual town of Reykjavík and of course sampling the hot dog stand serving the best Hot Dog in Europe as voted by the Guardian. Hopefully we have planned our trip down to a tee and we will be able to bypass all those who have been stranded in Keflavik airport and jump on our plane to London as scheduled (fingers crossed). We are both looking forward to catching up with all our Aussies in London (there are heaps to see) and also staying with our Wollongong PE teacher buddies (again so many to see!)

Remember to check out all the facebook photos!

Love and miss you all!

Sal & Nath

Posted by nathnsal 16:55

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